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Jobs during and After Covid 19

FAQ How to get job during lockdown in India? Corona has caused mass unemployment accross globe.Many people have lost their jobs and there is dearth of opportunities in the market. Huge section of population is on the verge of starving.

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Job Scope in Various Sectors

FAQ Which is the competitive exam one has to crack to get job in Indian Navy? In order to get a prestegious job in Indian Navy,one has to qualify the ,The Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET). One can apply online

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Interview precautions in Covid-19

Covid 19 has brought unemployment and job scarcity. It’s been months there is no much improvement in the scenario. Now people can’t wait to stay home. Many people have lost their jobs and finding it difficult to get new opportunities

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Accounts Executive-Basic Requirements to apply

Accounts is an important department of a company. Employers keep special attention while hiring an Accounts Staff for the organisation and expect good knowledge and skills in core accounting. Honesty is most important factor which an employers expects from an

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