Freshers- Challenges to overcome

It’s Challenging to kick start career as a freshers. Whenever a fresher applies for a job or start a job search , finds it it difficult to get one. A fresher job seeker finds it tough to get a job as most of companies and organisations look for experienced employee to hire so that they don’t need to invent time & money on training freshers hired in the organisation.

The main challenging barrier for a fresher is to the first job offer. This is to first step where almost no fresher negotiates on salary part, they just look for an opportunity where they can prove themselves fit and productive for the organization. They look for a place where they can learn a lot and enhance their skills.

There are few steps which when followed , can make this job search easy and successful. The most important thing is to upload their resumes on most of the job portals and keep updating till they get a job.

An update resume appears at the top when searched by a recruiter. The another important factor is to work in enhancing the skills like training on computer, softwares like tally, sap etc which will make them a complete package to be hired.

Freshers need to continuously work on their communication skills which every company expect from an applicant.

Making proper communication and follow ups with the recruiters regarding new interviews and feedback about conducted ones.

Maintaining a presentable and professional appearance would make the journey to get a job easier.

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