Interview precautions in Covid-19

Covid 19 has brought unemployment and job scarcity. It’s been months there is no much improvement in the scenario. Now people can’t wait to stay home. Many people have lost their jobs and finding it difficult to get new opportunities . This is the time when companies have stopped recruitment. New job openings are very less and unemployment is increasing day by day creating a huge competition among job seekers. job seekers have to take care of their personal and professional life both. It’s recommended that if you get an interview call , request the company to arrange a telephonic or video conferencing interview as the first round. Once company shortlist you then prefer to go for face to face interview. This has to be done as a precaution measure to remain safe this pandemic situation. Definitely you should try hard to get the job but your health safety is utmost important. While going for final round of interview , wearing mask , gloves and carrying a hand sanitizer is recommended to stay safe.

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