Jobs during and After Covid 19


How to get job during lockdown in India?

Corona has caused mass unemployment accross globe.Many people have lost their jobs and there is dearth of opportunities in the market. Huge section of population is on the verge of starving. But still there are opportunities which exist in the market as many people have left the job out of fear of pandemic and have migrated to their hometowns. Durting this Pandemic Situation , people prefer to stay home and work from home. The best way to apply for a job is to apply online though various job portals and waiting for a responese for an interview.Most of the companies have started conducting interviews over video conference . Applying for online & home based job would be most relevant looking at this current scenario.

Most demanding jobs after Corona?
Corona has affected almost every industry ,city and country. Every segement and sector has seen job scarcity and financial struggle but tourism and hotel industry is the one affected badly as pople has no money to spend on luxury and leisure. Afer Corona is over ,we can see huge recruitment requirements in these sector.

Is there any job vacancy in Covid 19?
Though it’s true that we have seen huge unemployment in the current scenario, but keeping in mind that it’s not only employers who have asked their employees to leave the job but in many cases employees themselves have resigned out of fear of Corona and many due to uneven time of salary disbursement. Many who couldn’t afford to stay in the city have left the job and moved to their native places, this has created a huge job opportunities in the market. Employers are still looking for a right alternative for their already resigned staffs.

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